Jacker Magazine #12

  1. Clear Soul Forces
  2. Mickey Taylor
  3. Mr Wany
  4. Anja Schneider
  5. David Manaud
  6. Todd Francis
  7. Hopare
  8. The cannabis road
  9. Entre-vues : Swift Guad
  10. Retour au Chanvre
Whether you believe us or not, this time, we won’t be the devil’s advocate, and by that we mean he can’t afford it no more. “The market is at its boom” – he use to brag about. But he got cut off at the knees to the point of laying down and smoke his tits off. Look what we did to him ! The horrendous direction our society has taken made him look old... [Read more]
Jacker Magazine #12 6€
  • 100 pages
  • Format 26,5x19cm
  • Square-glued back